Hermes @ Bonedo

You wished for a review with sound samples of our Hermes? Bonedo fulfills that wish. Felix Klostermann has taken a close look at our Mastering Router. Here, we provide you with a short summary:

“The SPL Hermes is a mastering router or a highly flexible insert matrix for up to eight stereo processors on one stereo bus. Like all other devices of the latest generation, this stylish 19-inch box (2 U) comes in the trendy colors red with black inlays, black with silver inlays as well as “All Black” (our test device). All control elements have a high-quality feel and a logical structure.”

“The amber illuminated buttons really look extremely good, are wonderful to use and of the highest quality. Even the multi-digit old-school 7-segment display is really big, easy to read and not a bit strenuous for the eyes. There are also no blue LEDs – thanks SPL, thanks!”


“The high rail voltage of these proprietary operational amplifiers (120 V = ±60 V) provides more headroom, minimum distortion and maximum signal-to-noise ratio as well as maximum dynamic range. Without revealing too much: the Hermes does not sound at all. In other words: it doesn’t color at all and that’s good!”

“Also remarkable: The gains of all I/O as well as L and R were absolutely precise. The gain was accurate to the decimal point and there were no changes – no matter in which constellation I measured!”

“And that was basically it.”
“And to answer the question of what the Hermes does with the signal, I simply connected all inserts with short XLR cables and thus put all inserts on cables. And as you can hear, you can’t hear any difference!”
You’ll find the sound examples online on page 2 of the review.


“The SPL Hermes does what it is supposed to do and is absolutely neutral in terms of sound. The free linking of all inserts makes it very flexible to use. The technical effort for this is enormous and the the price is reasonable considering the high German manufacturing quality.”

Find the complete review (in German) online at Bonedo.