Story: Euphonic Architect

The show and listening rooms of our dealer Euphonic Architect in Waghäusel (near Karlsruhe, Germany) are a very special place, where studio technology and HiFi come together.

Besides all the products of the SPL Professional Fidelity series, an SPL DMC Mastering Console and a PASSEQ Equalizer are also included in their product range.

The DMC Mastering Console is used to route signals from Studer tape machines, EMT record players and all other kinds of sources in the large listening room. The PASSEQ is used for sound shaping.

Luxurious record players are amplified with our SPL Phonos RIAA Phono Preamplifier. 

The SPL Director and the new Director Mk 2 is used for conversion. 

Performer s800, Performer m1000 and the new SPL Crossover are also within their product range.

Our power amplifiers are connected to different speakers in different rooms. This creates various opportunities to make comparisons within extensive listening sessions.

Experiencing all of that is really worth a visit! will soon publish an article about Euphonic Architect. In this article, you will even get more information about their rooms, technology and owner Klaus Bensinger.

Euphonic Architect will also be at the ‘Süddeutsche HiFi-Tage‘ in Stuttgart, Germany (September 7 – 8, 2019) – right next to the SPL room.