B-Stock Sale: Demo and Discontinued

There are some products at our warehouse, which we offer at a very special price. There are, for example, various RackPack modules and frames (RackPack 4, 8, API 500 combination) and discontinued devices. Furthermore, we offer devices with slight signs of usage from our demo stock.
Check it out: Specials & B-Stock Shop.

Don’t hesitate – first come, first serve, what’s gone is gone 😉

Cabulator (Demo)

Creon White/White (Discontinued)

Creon Black/White (Discontinued)

Charisma 8 (Discontinued)

Transducer (Discontinued)

Transpressor (Discontinued)

MixDream (Demo)

PSD 400 HiFi Vitalizer (Demo)


Analog Element Series (AES)

Preference Mic Preamps (Model 1211, Discontinued)

Premium Mic Preamp/De-Esser (Model 1239, Discontinued)


RackPack System

RackPack500 (Discontinued)

RackPack8 (Discontinued)

RackPack4 (Discontinued)

Vocal Ranger (Discontinued)

Bass Ranger (Discontinued)

Full Ranger (Discontinued)

Dynamaxx (Discontinued)

Twin Tube (Discontinued)


Manuals of discontinued products are available for download.
Order and delivery is only possible within the EU.