SPL Story in Sound & Recording

In the edition (11/18) of Sound & Recording magazine, you’ll find a story about SPL.
From the beginning as a garage company, right up to present developments and production processes.

Managing director and chief developer Wolfgang Neumann about the early days:

“In the late 70’s I ran a recording studio with a friend of mine in Roermond, Netherlands.”

“In those days, studio equipment was just way too expensive.”

“The resulting demand was to develop and built our own devices, which I was able to do because of my education as a radio/television technician and merchant for wholesale and retail.”

“In the end of 1983, the hourly price of recording studios shrank by almost 70%, so I sold my holdings of the studio.”

“… I started to built my own devices. Back in the days we used to produce them in a garage. This was also the time I founded the Sound Performance Lab, SPL.”

“After that, SPL grew bigger and bigger and so did our range of products. We’ve always attached great importance to the development of new technologies.”

Marketing manager Sascha Flocken about the production processes:

“The first step is the board layout, which is created by the developers on a computer. You have to pay attention to a lot of things in this process.”
“This is why Hermann Gier is simultaneously developing the housings and the front panel designs …”
“After that, we assemble a prototype of the device.”

“If everything works out fine, one of our developers visits the staff of Middelkamp, who are responsible for the batch production, and explains how to assemble the devices.”

“We still provide support and service for all of our devices. This is something we already take into account during production and which is very important to us.”

Heinz Middelkamp about his new role as the third managing director, alongside Hermann Gier and Wolfgang Neumann:

“Peter Waschke has left SPL’s active servive in 2018, so I thought: »Well, that would be something I would like to do! ». We found a great solution for both of us and I became managing director of SPL on the 1st of October 2018.”
I already know the company and the staff for a long time. Furthermore, both companies are located in the same building since 1999. This provides certain advantages in terms of logistics and organization, since the company and production are so close together, it helps to quickly and easily resolve any matter. My main focus will be on the production processes as interface between development, implementation and production.”

We provide the complete story (in German) as a PDF document under the following link: Sound&Recording_SPL_Story