SPL PQ at Bonedo.de

Review featuring audio files and video!

Just like we keep working hard on new products, Bonedo is just as busy testing all our product novelties.

This time around: our PQ Mastering Equalizer!

As usual for Bonedo, the review features some audio files and even a video!

“The SPL PQ, available as Model 1540 in Black and Model 1544 in Red, is a dual-channel five-band equalizer, whose bands are fully parametric and switchable between Constant Q and Proportional Q.

The PQ Model 2050/PQ 2050 served as a role model, which was because of its motorized potentiometers and a price of ‘15 thousand euros’ way more expensive.”

Constant-Q mode is the best choice for solving problems and eliminate unwanted frequencies.

Proportional-Q on the other hand works with smaller settings, you are allowed to boost here.”

Another nice thing about the SPL PQ are the wide overlapping frequency ranges which make Push/Pull effects possible. Furthermore you do not need to proceed too conceptually because you are able to shape the sound and eliminate interfering frequencies with the next band.

A nice thing you will notice in the following video is that even with sharp settings the PQ does not ‘shrill’. The only danger working with the PQ is that following devices will be brutally run over because of the massive headroom.”

Look and quality build are excellent – “Made in Germany” pays off. By the way, The PQ doesn’t come cheap but is definitely worth its money!

You will find the complete review (in German) at Bonedo.