SPL Phonos in HiFi-Stars

HiFi-Stars is a holistic HiFi magazine – technology, music and lifestyle. In the current edition (44) you’ll find a review about our Phonos Phono preamplifier. Like always, we provide you with a little summary:

“For about thirty years, SPL (Sound Performance Lab) has made a name for itself within the musician and studio scene as a company which produces pro audio equipment famous for its natural sound. A few years ago SPL developed – with a view to HiFi enthusiasts – their first headphone amplifier called Phonitor. Basically, this was the birth of the ‘SPL Professional Fidelity Series’. This branch of SPL is all about technology for home users and the Phono preamp of this series at this point stands ready to be reviewed.”

“All control elements are located on the front of the device and they are self-explanatory.”

“Controlling the gain with its three possible settings ‘Normal’, ‘-10’ und ‘+4’ (each dB), is as empirically fast to find, as it is to set.”

“Phonos is by far the easiest and fastest operating Phono preamp I ever came across.”

“Plug in, switch on, adjust the settings and off you go!”

“SPL transferred the proven VOLTAiR technology of their pro audio devices. Actually, this is an invented word, consisting of ‘volt’ and ‘air’, basically means that the components operate with an internal voltage of 120V (instead of the commonly used 36 volts). Thereby, SPL increases the operating level on their audio engineering standard. A condition, which is easily traceable and has an huge positive impact on the sound.”


“What makes the Phonos special is its ability to present even very sensitive sounds, like a violin, in an extremely clean way.”

“Pure pleasure – this is exactly what the SPL Phonos brings, without any restriction.”


„SPL Phonos is the Phono preamplifier you wish for: completely uncomplicated in controlling, robust and intelligently designed. Within a few settings, you can perfectly adjust it to any cartridge and then off you go!”

Find the complete review (in German) in the current edition (44) of the magazine.