SPL Performer s800 at hifistatement.net

A few weeks ago, Wolfgang Kemper put our SPL Director, the new DA converter and preamplifier to an extensive test and did a really worthwhile review. Now he has tested our Performer s800 Stereo Power Amplifier and once more did a very nice and extensive review. The result – well, between the lines one could say that it is marked by a certain euphoria. What do you think? We have composed a few excerpts for you:

“The Performer s800 is SPL‘s first power amplifier – a fact which is almost unbelievable if you have experienced the unit. Neutral and discreet, unobstusive and dynamic with a fascinating openness and lightness the unit reproduces the music material. It does not exaggerate and is able to give a deep insight in spatial impressions and tone color.”

“SPL implanted solid technology in the (compared to other power amplifier) small housing and perfectly matches the other devices of the Professional Fidelity series.”

“Its convincing sonic abilities appear all the stronger when you use it with a high- quality preamp and appropriate audio sources. It creates a wonderful and harmonious balance in combination with the SPL Director. A perfect match.”

“Sonically, the s800 is absolutely discreet with a beautifully open tone.”

“With its open, clean and fluent way to play the music material, it processes any kind of music without ever being obstrusive.”

“This is fascinating. This phenomenon is exactly what SPL wants to achieve with their Voltair technology: a clean signal without distortions even in extreme situations.”

“The longer I am listening with this setup, the more I learn to appreciate and enjoy its abilities.”

If you are interested in reading the complete review (in German) visit Hifistatement.net.