SPL Performer at mobilefidelity

At mobilefidelity-magazin.de you will find a review about our Stereo Power Amplifier Performer s800.

“The Performer s800, thanks to its enormous power and dynamic, its superb bass reproduction and its simultaneously fine and accurate sound reproduction of even complex sound structures, is a really awesome sounding power amplifier with an almost unbelievable price-performance ratio.”

Design and processing:

“The puristic and elegant housing of this compact muscle man is, as with everything SPL produces, perfectly processed.”

“Six high-quality and expensive high voltage condensers save a massive amount of energy for quick and powerful impulses.”

“The amplification inside the SPL Performer is consistently two-staged:
The complete voltage amplification is carried out by a Voltair op-amp with SPL’s +/- 60 Volt operating voltage technology…”

“Thought out protective circuits to prevent overheating and DC at the ouput to protect the power amplifier and connected loudspeakers, which can be connected with high-quality binding post connectors.”

“At the measuring lab, the SPL Performer did absolutely great, as expected.”


“It was striking that with any loudspeaker connected there immediately was absolute control in the low ends … bass frequencies were always precise, clearly defined and offered enormous power and depth.”

“Basically all speakers which were connected to the SPL Performer sounded equally tremendously dynamic and powerful, but at the same time very precise and contoured. Driven by the awesome SPL Director preamplifier, the SPL Performer s800 subtly presents even the finest sound details and almost reproduces them in a three-dimensional way. This combination are able to present the soundstage realistically in width and depth and separates single sound elements authentically and real.”

Find the complete review in German at mobilefidelity.