SPL PASSEQ at Bonedo

“Awesome sound – artful device – high-quality manufacturing”

At online music portal Bonedo you will find a review plus audio files about our new PASSEQ Mastering Equalizer which is definitely worth reading.

“PASSEQ is a classic dual-mono-hardware-eq, which means that each of its both channels can independently be processed.”

“This 10 kg heavy 19-inch monster is, thanks to its big 4U front, an extremely massive
appearance and inspires awe – just like the visually similar SPL IRON.”

“Connecting the device couldn’t be more easy. XLR in, XLR out: done.”

“Each channel of the PASSEQ got six bands with each twelve fixed frequencies. These are switches with discrete positions, big, solid and haptically appealing.”

“The output stage is characterized by SPL’s proprietary op-amps, which deliver the 120V technology… to maximize headroom and signal-to-noise ratio.”

“And of course: In ‘Pultec style’, you get a proper overlapping of the bands, which can be attenuated and increased at the same time, offering the typical push/pull effect, which creates a good portion of magic considering the phase response.”

“Bad settings are hard to find.”

“By the way: within the scope of delivery you receive a very nice and detailed printed manual in English and in German as well as the cold-device cable. Everything packed and shipped in a nice eco-carton.”


“The [previous] Passeq already was a great eq and its new revised version, enhanced in precise details, is even better. Both in terms of frequencies and Gain-Hub, for example, which can be attenuated and increased – important for correct Gain staging.
The manufacturing is top notch and at the highest level and the device is great fun working with controlwise. The sound is awesome and is the icing on the cake for any source – but without discoloring the tone and is therefore just the right thing in its modernity.”

Find the complete review (in German) plus audio files at Bonedo.