SPL IRON review – Amazona.de

With this product SPL really created a masterpiece.“

Axel Ritt, guitarist of the Power-Metal band Grave Digger, pro musician and sound engineer for more than 25 years, has tested our IRON for Amazona.de.

His conclusion?

With the SPL Iron, Wolfgang Neumann and his team brought a tube compressor to the market which is second to none! Everything you could write in terms of superlatives testing a unit like this does apply in this case.”

Depending on the Rectifier setting, high peaks are emphazised, when in the next setting suddenly the spatial parts gain a significant amount of volume.”

The signal is compressed to such a perfect extend, you will hardly get this anywhere else”

Anyone who wants to experience something shocking should compare the SPL Iron to a DAW compressor plug-in after using the Iron for some time. What you hear will be hard to believe.”

You can find the complete review (sound examples included) at Amazona.de.