SPL Director – Professional Fidelity in Studio Magazin 05/2016

Strength lies in calmness”

The SPL Director DAC and preamplifier is not only a good choice for your living room/Hi-Fi room, but it is also a great professional Mastering DA converter. This is why the Studio Magazin dedicated an extensive review to the unit in their edition 5/2016.

On not less than eight pages you will find detailed informations on the idea of the Pro-Fi series (Professional Fidelity), technology, measurements, an experience/listening report and of course a conclusion. But we don’t want to give too much away right now.

All frequencies are transmitted in a ‘smooth’ manner without appearing to be too soft or even appearing to be manipulated in any way.”

To sum it up, one could state that the high operating voltage in the SPL Director probably offers the power reserves that you can hear and leads to a nice calm sound as mentioned earlier.”

We hereby certify that the term ‘Mastering Grade Listening’ is well-chosen and well-deserved: Listening-recommendation!“

You will find the complete review in the current edition 5/2016 of Studio Magazin (German).

Here you can find more information about our Professional Fidelity series: Pro-Fi