SPL Crossover in HiFi-Stars

HiFi-Stars is a holistic HiFi magazine – technology, music and lifestyle. In the current edition (45) you’ll find a review about the SPL Crossover. Like always, we provide you with a little summary:

“The Crossover has a professional, down-to-earth appearance, which still somehow has a kind of retro-look – its frontpanel is available in classic black, silver and in an eye-catching red color.”

“The double labeling – ‘regular’ and ‘upside down’, so that you can read the labels bending over the device – is laudable. Good thinking!”

Sound and technology:

“Fully analog, completely without digital filters! I personally like that a lot.”

“The reproduction works perfectly clean and seamlessly with the help of the Crossover – something I am used to from my custom made crossover. And this is already a real statement! In addition, the SPL device is even more flexible, what makes comparing the main speaker (running it full range or from a specific cut-off frequency) much simpler. Adjustments in case of a change of a subwoofer and/or main speaker can also elegantly be carried out on the front of the device.”

“How does the SPL Crossover influence the sound: not at all – as long as you don’t use it to manipulate the sound on purpose. Just to mention one thing: There is a level control for the subwoofer…! Once you got it setup, the Crossover is totally neutral sounding …”


“An unusual product for all owners of high quality speaker systems, which provides the option of an optimal speaker configuration. In practice it is easy to include a subwoofer into an existing speaker concept. Flexible, easily adjustable and sonically absolutely neutral, if correctly configured: Greatest respect SPL!”

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