SPL Crimson in Guitar Interactive

You can find a review and a video of our audio interface and analog monitor controller SPL Crimson in the current issue (39) of online magazine Guitar Interactive. Andi Picker tested our Crimson and does not shy away from stating that:

“It sounds great, the inputs are quiet and clean with plenty of gain, the outputs have plenty of level and the switching is clever and simple to use.“

What you put in is what you get out – which is fine…“

Good processing is a matter of course:

…all of the knobs on the Crimson are absolutely rock solid – they turn and nothing else.“

As well as clever engineering:

Each mic channel has its own gain control, phantom power switch and a hi-pass filter, it´s gentle,

it´s centred at 75Hz and it works fine for reducing unwanted lowend mud without messing-up your sound.“

Crimson is designed to operate with your Digital Audio Workstation. But you can also do a lot with it as a stand-alone device.

It also functions well as a basic signal router and monitor controller without needing to be attached to a computer.“

What remains to be stated:

All in all, this is a very solidly made and great sounding USB Audio Interface and Monitor Controller…“

Sounds Great – Very Solid Build – Simple to use – Well thought-out feature set“

You can find the complete review and video in the current issue (39) of online magazine Guitar Interactive – you only have to register (for free!) and then you are ready to go!