An SPL product of the category Professional Fidelity that was bought on the SPL Online Shop is automatically covered by 7 years SPL CARE.

We want that your product stays in perfect working condition and the SPL CARE assures exactly that.

SPL CARE Guarantee conditions

Status: 2019/01

Statutory rights of the purchaser remain unaffected of this manufacturer's warranty. The warranty exists besides the statutory right of delivery of a defect-free product and does not restrict the statutory rights in case of defects.

1. Guarantor:

SPL electronics GmbH
Sohlweg 80
41372 Niederkr├╝chten

Phone: +49 (0) 2163 98340
E-Mail: care@spl.audio

- hereinafter called SPL -

2. Warranty period:

7 years from date of purchase.

3. Warranty scope:

3.1. The guarantee is provided to the end customer in respect of freedom from defects and functionality in case of proper use of the Professional Fidelity products bought on the SPL Online Shop.
The guarantee only applies to the end customer, which is the first purchaser of the product. If the first purchaser sells the product to a secondary buyer, the guarantee is not transferable to the secondary buyer.

3.2. The guarantee includes the repair, at SPL's option either through replacement (delivery of a similar product) or its free repair in accordance with the technical requirements. Exchanged parts or products will become property of SPL.

3.3. The remaining period of the original warranty period applies for parts or products which were repaired or replaced.

3.4. The warranty does not inculde the replacement of indirect and direct consequential damage.

3.5. The warranty applies across the whole world.

4. Warranty processing:

4.1. The buyer has to register his or her warranty claim in writing within the warranty period and shall include a copy of the SPL CARE certificate. After consultation with SPL, the buyer has to send the warranty covered product, packed in the original box (outer and an inner carton box with the original foam inlays), to the aforementioned SPL address. The shipping costs are covered by SPL. This only applies to countries within the EU. Shipping anywhere else but within the EU has to be covered by the buyer. SPL will contribute to the shipping charges with an average equivalent of EU territory shipping cost.

4.2. If the buyer did not keep the original SPL packaging, a new packaging can be ordered at the aforementioned address at an extra charge.

5. Expiry of the warranty:

The warranty expires, if the product is not professionally mounted, maintained, cleaned, or if it is intentionally damaged, or manipulated in any kind of way by the customer or third parties. The same applies for a non-observance of the manual or unauthorized repair attempts.