Review: SPL MixDream @ Amazona

“The SPL MixDream is an analog summing unit, which offers many advantages for a studio situation without external mixing console, but with lots of analog periphery.” Jochen Schnur

“… the SPL MixDream unit is a 16-Channel analog console without Gain, EQ and Fader, but with analog Direct Out and Insert connections, Master, Expansion and Monitor XLR Stereo Output jacks.”

“… if you realize the impact, an analog summing unit has on the sound of a mixdown,
all the alarm bells start ringing. Why have I never took notice of that?”


“The analog summing brings much more spatial depth and clear localization of individual signals to the mix. You also get a much cleaner and better presentation of the sounds used within the mix.”


“The valuation within this conclusion has to be ‘very good’, because high-quality components have been processed, the result is fine. Every potential customer will convince him or herself before buying by the necessity of having the MixDream as an upgrade for his or her mixes anyway. You don’t eventually buy anything, you are not convinced of.”

“The excellent individual components with top-notch specs can keep up with big mixing consoles, this inter alia explains the added value of the analog summed sound. Cleaned up mixes, presented through defined crosstalk and detailed spatial depth are also a big plus.”

Every single digital and analog component is a contributory factor to the sound, so that the SPL MixDream is able to rescue a lot of mixes.”

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