The online platform HEADPHONECHECK is composed by a team of “audio freaks, musicians, journalists and technicians with different audio expertise.” After already reviewing our Phonitor One, they have now decided to have a closer look at the SPL Phonitor se – could the headphone amp convince the editors? You can find the complete review online […]

Phonitor se @ Gaming Audio Guide

After reviewing the Crimson 3 and the SPL Phonitor x, Gaming Audio Guide has now taken a look at our smaller headphone amplifier SPL Phonitor se and published a great video review. Find the complete video online at Youtube or you can also watch it right here on our site. We also have a small teaser […]

Phonitor se @ Miniklangwunder

“A few weeks ago I already did a review about the SPL Phonitor One d, which has been my personal entry into the world of SPL headphone amplifiers. With the Phonitor se I now get to know the feature ‘Voltair technology’. Whether it can convince me, we will find in the course of this review.” […]

Phonitor se @ lite-Magazin

“Recording studio performance at home and at an affordable price? The Phonitor se makes it possible, because SPL brings its top technology down to the essentials in this headphone amplifier.” You can find the full review (in German) online at lite-Magazin. Here we provide a short English summary. Sound: “And so we experience with the […]

Phonitor se @

“With the Phonitor se, SPL has an equally high-quality and convincing-sounding headphone amplifier on offer, that is aimed at audiophile music consumers.” On the online platform you will find everything about headphones. That is why our headphone amplifier – SPL Phonitor se – can’t be missing. Find the complete review (in German) online at […]

Phonitor se @ Hifistatement

“My three things for the desert island: a laptop with all the files I’ve collected, a good pair of headphones and the Phonitor se. Lying in the white sand, I will use the time on the sunny island to enjoyfully explore my music collection to lift all the hidden gems.” You wonder why our headphone […]

Phonitor se @ fairaudio

“Concerning the sound/price ratio, you’re in very good hands with the SPL Phonitor se – and the built-in DAC is virtually mandatory, as it harmonizes perfectly with the amplifier.” After the online magazine fairaudio has already tested our Phonitor x and xe models, now it’s the turn of the smaller Phonitor se. Will it perform […]

Phonitor se in HiFi-Stars

“To define the new SPL Phonitor se headphone amplifier as an entry-level model is pure understatement.” HiFi-Stars is a hi-fi magazine with a holistic focus – technology, music and lifestyle. That seems predestined for a review about our SPL Professional Fidelity series! So it is hardly surprising that our Phonitor se not only appears on […]

Phonitor se in EAR IN

For the edition 4/20 of German headphone magazine EAR IN, Martin Mertens wrote a great review about our new headphone amplifier SPL Phonitor se. You can find the complete review in the magazine. Here we provide you with a short summary, but it’s definitely worth reading the complete thing in the print magazine. “With the […]