Performer m1000


Mono Power Amplifier

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Performer m1000

Mono Power Amplifier

The Performer m1000 is the big brother of the highly acclaimed Performer s800.

Built as a mono block it features SPL's proprietary VOLTAiR technology that allows creating power amps with far less components in the signal path than common designs. Only one preamplifier op-amp is required to drive the bipolar power amplifier transistors: extremely fast, direct, highly efficient and with an extraordinary sound.

The Performer m1000 delivers 1000 W into 2 ohms or 750 W into 4 ohms out of a linear power supply with a massive toroidal transformer. 

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Weight 24.8 kg
Dimensions 27.8 × 34.6 × 22 cm

Black, Red, Silver

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