PQ in Professional Audio

In the current issue of Professional audio magazine (1 – January 2017) you will find an extensive review about our PQ Mastering Equalizer. Igl Schönwitz provides an informative, practical and detailed overview of the device. Definitely worth reading!

We have composed a few excerpts for you:

With the PQ, the midsized company SPL finally advances into the creme de la creme of mastering-equipment manufacturer.”

The PQ is visually and haptically an attractive, ‘sexy’ unit – no question.”

…a 15 kilogram heavy hardware-monster with perfect workmanship and fine and flawless operating potentiometers.”

“SPL stands for innovation, like barely any other company.”

Constant Q & Proportional Q – “This is anything but standard, because we actually get two equalizers in one single unit.”

With the proportional-Q-characteristic you can realize beautiful and musically sounding increases, so that we do not miss more coloring equalizers at all.”

The mastered track simultaneously became more powerful and transparent, two phenomena, which usually exclude each other. I really do not know a plug-in, which even comes close to this capability.”

Every setting is implemented so easy and with playful power, this can rarely be found anywhere else. Thereby, the PQ with its widely overlapping bands and the switchable Q characteristics is extremely flexible.”

The 120-volt technology ensures, that even extrem increases – which are definitely possible! – do not create distortions within the unit itself.”

Whereas the predecessor ‘only’ managed to realize increases or attenuations up to 11,5 dB, the new model is able to realize +/- 20dB per band (!). This is absolutely on a record-breaking scale when it comes to analog equalizers, especially if you consider that on top of that you can use two bands in the same frequency range.”

When it comes to frequencies, I can not imagine a scenario which this multi-purpose tool equalizer won’t be able to handle.”

…quick results are easy to realize with the PQ, and the sound of these results is nothing more than amazing.”

“In terms of measurements the equalizer fullfills highest requirements.”

“The PQ equalizer gave an impressive performance in the measuring laboratory.”


“The PQ really got what it takes to be called the ‘king of the parametric equalizers’.”

“This unit is an impressive proof of how even today, well-engineered analog technology can be the ultimate thing.”

You can find the complete review (in German) in the current issue (1 – January 2017) of Professional audio magazine.