Phonos – RIAA Phono Preamplifier – in Professional Audio

Sonically, the Phonos impresses tremendously. It does everything right and lots of things better than even more expensive trade rivals.”

In the current edition (7 – July 2017) of Professional Audio magazine, you will find a worthwhile review about our Phonos. Freda Ressel and Michael Vorbau scrutinized the device and share their thoughts:

The build quality of the housing is flawless, as we are accustomed to from SPL, …”

The front of the Phonos is clearly arranged and equipped with high-quality switches and pots.”

The special qualities of the Phonos can be found on the inside of the device. Here we have discrete high-voltage op-amps.”

The 120V rail technology (within the Professional Fidelity series labelled as VOLTAiR technology) operates with a direct voltage of +/- 60 volts, which is almost twice as high as the standard operating voltage of other high-end devices.”

The VOLTAiR technology enables … exeptional technical specifications and sonic advantages…”

The input amplifiers of the Phonos can easily handle even the loudest cartridges, due to the massive headroom – definitely an advantage of the VOLTAiR technology.”

The preamplification is switchable and offers three values for MM and MC.

Set to ‘Norm’ the Phonos amplifies MM signals to 46 decibels and MC signals to 67 decibels. Set to ‘-10’ they are reduced to 36/57 and in the ‘+4’ setting to 50/71 decibles.”

This is why the Phonos is the perfect devive for all demanding users, even if they want to operate with diferent cartridges.”

In the measurement lab the Phonos convinced in every aspect. The equalized frequency response is as straight as a ruler, …”



Not only was the Phonos able to handle all different cartridges, it also fascinated and excited the test listeners from the vey first second.”

Maybe one could describe the way the Phonos puts the music in the limelight as extremely relaxed paired with unrestrained playfulness and huge dynamic qualities.”


The SPL Phonos is an exceptionally good sounding Phono preamplifier, which is highly addictive. Its playfulness, huge dynamics and accuracy, with which it presents finest sound structures in detail, amazes over and over again. The price-performance ratio is excellent.”