Phonitor xe @ lite-Magazin

lite-magazin is an online magazine for lifestyle and technology. Editor Volker Frech did an extensive review about our headphone amplifier Phonitor xe. Here is a little summary:

“SPL has long been successful with different Phonitor versions and generations in the pro audio industry. Now, the German manufactory also wants to win over the private audiophiles. Therefore, their newest model, Phonitor xe, provides a brand-new DAC, which meets the needs of demanding modern music listeners with high-resolution files through a significantly increased HiRes quality.”

First impression:

“On the one hand, the amplifier emphasizes the functional-technical features and, through the style and arrangement of buttons, switches and displays, has kind of a cockpit style. On the other hand, the xe proves its adaptability into the home environment.
This is ensured by the instantly recognizable excellent build quality, literally screaming ‘high level of quality’, and the attractive design of the amplifier.”

Phonitor Matrix:

“This complex crossfeed circuit practically eliminates the already mentioned in-head localization and provides greater spatial depth of the presentation resembling the reproduction of real speakers. Because of that, the Phonitor xe might also convice skeptics to enjoy listening on headphones.”

Digital section with new DAC:

“Thanks to the new digital-analog converter, which replaces the old and limited DAC, this is the new highlight of this headphone amplifier. This converter is sonically targeted for minimum distortion and maximum dynamics. It is able to convert HiRes files up to PCM 768 kilohertz/32-bit and DSD265. These values are unbelievably good making the Phonitor xe absolutely future-proof.”


“…the Phonitor xe turns this listening session into a pure listening pleasure.”

“The fineness and transparency with which the music is depicted is just awesome – what a richness of detail!”

“Accompanied by an immense power and dynamics of the presentation.”


“With the Phonitor xe, SPL has built a high-end pro audio device for high-end listeners to enjoy in their home environment. Visually, this headphone amplifier convinces with its cockpit/retro style and the apparently high material and processing quality. Sonically, it offers great transparency, immense power, huge dynamics and an impressive bass. Not only it provides these top qualities with analog playback devices, but also through its digital section, with which it is optionally equipped. And you should really take this option because the DAC is just awesome…”

Find the complete review (in German) online at lite-magazin.