Phonitor xe @ Hifistatement

Have you ever wondered if our reference headphone amplifier Phonitor xe also receives best marks from the Hifistatement?
The netmagazine published a very worthwhile review about our ultimate headphone amplifier. Since the review is in German, we provide you with an English summary:

“The outward appearance of the Phonitor xe definitely can’t hide the pro audio genes. This becomes clear when you see the feature details, which you just don’t get from other HiFi headphone amplifier. For example the Phonitor Matrix circuit, which was specially designed for the HiFi market.”

“For headphones, the device features both balanced XLR and standard 6,3 millimeter headphone output sockets on the front and on the back.”


“The amplifier circuit provides something I have never seen before in the audio world. The so-called 120V VOLTAiR circuit. The op-amps are fed with a power supply of ±60 volts, therefore with a voltage excursion of 120 volts. Normally, ±15V are usually used here.”

“Furthermore, the Phonitor xe is equipped with the newly developed DAC 768.”

“The converter module is based on the AK-4490 chip of the Japanese manufacturer Asahi Kasai. It supports PCM audio up to 768kHz sample rates with 32 bit and DSD audio playback up to DSD4 or DSD256.”


How does the device sound? Let’s erase all doubts right away: it sounds fantastic!”

“Let’s start with the unbalanced output: First of all the reproduction – as must be expected from a pro audio device – is completely neutral and transparent. No matter which headphones are connected or which signal source is running, the tonal characteristics of the individual devices are transported.”

“The next thing that stands out is the tremendous sovereignty of the playback, the device seems to have endless hidden powers. Especially huge orchestral recordings are reproduced with such an enormous impact, you simply have to hear this. And everything completely fleet-footed and carefree.”

“Even finest details are perfectly reproduced.”

“The bass sounds very powerful and perfectly controlled.”

“Basically, there is not much left to say about bass, mids and highs, the Phonitor does everything right and basically succeeds in every task.”


If we want to, the Phonitor shows us everything that is on a recording. If you only want to concentrate on the music, this is also possible with the device.”

“I really could not find any weaknesses of the Phonitor. The music reproduction is fascinating… at the beginning I mentioned that the Phonitor xe sounds fantastic, meanwhile I wonder if it ‘sounds’ at all.”

If you like listening on headphones and ignore this device bescause it’s coming from the pro audio scene, you are definitely making a huge mistake. But if you are interested in what is nowadays possible in terms of listening on headphones, you should really try this one out!”

Find the complete review (in German) online at Hifistatement.