Phonitor xe in EAR IN

Headphone magazine EAR IN published a review about our headphone amplifier Phonitor xe.

“Originally designed for professional studio application, the Phonitor headphone amplifiers by SPL’s studio pros have won the heart of many headphone enthusiasts. Since then, SPL has continuously expanded their Phonitor model series. The newest member is the Phonitor xe.”

“Like all Phonitor models, of course the Phonitor xe also works with the 120V Voltair technology, in terms of amplification, which provides a huge dynamic scope. Fans of the Crossfeed circuit will also get their money’s worth: The Phonitor xe features the big Phonitor Matrix with its various settings options.”


“The sound of all SPL headphone amplifiers is simply put flawless. They offer the neutrality and preciseness, that you expect from high-quality pro audio devices and they even manage to sound musically at the same time.”

The Phonitor xe is the first Phonitor headphone amplifier which can be equipped with the brand-new DAC768. This optional internal Uber-DAC qualifies the Phonitor xe to convert with outstanding sonic performance. An audio resolution of 32 bits and PCM sample rates up to 768kHz as well as DSD – up to DSD256 – are the impressive numbers.

“Separate consideration needs to be given to the built-in DAC. Because, in comparison to other devices I like to listen with, it has a decent individual character, which on the the one hand is very neutral, but through proven abilities in terms of bass tones it calls attention to the low frequencies, which come across with deepness, substance, control and explosiveness. A bit of this substance transfers to the basic tone, which enriches the sound with warmth and improves the voice reproduction. Don’t worry, the rest of the sound is also clean, tidy and highly dynamic, offering all the details and absolute clean dynamic distinction, even in the high frequencies.”


“With the Phonitor xe, SPL delivers the ultimate device for all headphone enthusiasts, who value neutrality, preciseness and control, combined with great musicality.”

Find the complete review (in German) in the current edition (November/December 2018) of EAR IN magazine or an ePaper Download on their website.