Phonitor xe @ InnerFidelity

Online magazine InnerFidelity published a review about our Phonitor xe + DAX768.
You can find the review at the InnerFidelity page.
We provide you with a little summary:


“SPL has long been known for making distinctive looking and sounding gear, even in the pro world where designers generally have a more adventurous sense of design than in hi-fi, and the Phonitor lineup is among the classiest and most refined looking of their designs.”

“It’s a beautiful piece, but it does draw more attention to itself than the black and silver boxes you may be used to from strictly hi-fi focused companies.”


On to the meat of the review though, how does the Phonitor xe itself actually sound? To be honest, it’s spectacular.”

“…the Phonitor’s sound can basically be described as the sound of clean, open and plentiful headroom.”

“The amp is rocksteady and dishes out the same effortless, clear and open sound no matter what’s plugged into it.”


“It’s the best solid-state amplifier I’ve ever heard if you’re looking for a neutral or reference-type amplifier. It’s among the best amplifiers I’ve heard for my personal tastes, because it will play a large variety of music without imposing unwanted colorations, and it will do so without sounding dry or sterile.”

“I have not heard a solid-state amplifier which was so tonally even-handed, yet still enhances the music, and this is ultimately what scores this amp a spot on my shortlist of favorite solid-state amplifiers. There isn’t much audio gear I could be happy really living with for a long time, but if you told me I was stuck with an SPL Phonitor on a desert island, I wouldn’t make a fuss.”