SPL Phonitor x and Performer in Haute Fidélité

You can find a review about our Pro-Fi series in the current edition of French Hi-Fi magazine Haute Fidélité.

Phillippe David tested the headphone amplifier and preamplifier SPL Phonitor x as well as the stereo power amplifier Performer s800 and shares his impressions:

The German company SPL, well-known for recording studio technology, has now arrived in the Hi-Fi world.”

Because it is quite difficult to to draw a clear dividing line between the requirements of recording technology and the HiFi world, these units are perfect to take a mediating role in this connection.”

Phonitor x:

This device combines the features of a preamplifier and a headphone amplifier, equipped with balanced and unbalanced analog inputs. You got the possibility to install an optional DAC and thus up to five input sources can be connected – two analog stereo inputs (XLR und RCA) and three digital stereo inputs (USB, coaxial and optical).”

The VOLTAiR technology – developed for recording and mastering studios, provides an operating voltage of +/- 60 V (in total 120V) instead of the common +/- 15 V. This offers a nearly limitless dynamic range and headroom even at highest audio levels and impulse peaks without any kind of distortion.”

Performer s800:

This powerful stereo amplifier – can also be used in mono operation – is also equipped with a toroidal transformer with 855 VA, the power supply is equipped with a capacitance of 40800 µF.

Like the Phonitor x, the housing of the Performer is made out of steel, cover and front out of aluminium.”

A very nice design combined with a powerful technology.”

Ensemble playing:

The two SPL devices are totally committed to serve the music material. The sound of the SPL couple is amazing. There is no coloring of any of the test material we heard. The sound the two SPL units offer, provide the songs we heard with exemplary authenticity. The vocals sound stunningly authentic.”

This exemplary preciseness also appreciates weaker signals, which do not loose any kind of definition, because both units convince with their transparency. You can detect this strength within the more complex passages, where overlaying dynamic nuances sound absolutely transaprent and authentic.”


It is definitely a stroke of luck for the HiFi world, that SPL, well-known for recording studio technology, modify their devices equipped with powerful technology to enrich the HiFi world.”

You can find the complete review (in French) in the current edition (223 – March/April) of the magazine Haute Fidélité.