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Bonedo is pretty busy testing our brand-new Pro-Fi series. Within the first review, Felix Klostermann provides an extensive overview of our headphone amplifier and preamplifier Phonitor x:

This is high-quality workmanship and the three different available colors in which you can purchase the unit, make the Pro-Fi series look pretty good.”

It belongs to SPL’s new Hi-Fi product series, which is called ‘Pro-Fi’ and is supposed to lead you to build your own SPL Hi-Fi tower ‘Made in Germany’. ‘Retrodreams come true’, if you like.”

Thanks to its linear power supply with toroidal transformer, the SPL Pro-Fi Phonitor x weights 9.5 lbs … which makes the unit as imposing as the already tested (and rated ‘very good’) Phonitor 2.”


New features:

The most important new features are the additional balanced headphone output and the optional digital inputs.”

Everything in the sense of focusing on the Hi-Fi market and its users.”

The Phonitor is very loud, extremely linear and there are basically no distortions. Of course this is also a result of the 120V Rail Technology aka VOLTAiR, which actually runs SPL’s proprietary OpAmps in idle mode and thereby reaches outstanding technical and sonic performances, especially in terms of dynamic range, signal-to-noise ratio and headroom.”

The Phonitor x really sounds extremely linear and has a very high output level, which was more than enough for my ‘unbalanced’ headphones. The ‘balanced’ headphones output should provide even more output level, …”

The Matrix is a valuable addition and makes listening on headphones more natural.”


The SPL Pro-Fi Phonitor x is a very good and excellent sounding headphone amplifier, which does not gloss over or even hide anything. It has massive power to deal with any kind of headphones. Thanks to the Phonitor Matrix, the unit sounds authentic and transparent, without negatively influencing or coloring anything. Moreover, this beautiful unit, thanks to its IR-remote function and line outputs, is a nice and puristic front-end for your Hi-Fi tower.”

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