Phonitor x in The Absolute Sound

“I can’t imagine a situation where the Phonitor x could run out of power and not be capable of optimally driving any pair of headphones.”

American high-end audio magazine ‘the absolute sound’ did a review about our Phonitor x in their current issue (#275 – September 2017):

My first and last impression of the Phonitor x was one of unfettered power and control.”

“… the matrix and crossfeed offered a wider, deeper, and more spatially precise sound stage.”

“… the Phonitor x delivered unrestricted dynamic contrasts that pushed whatever headphones were attached to it to greater sonic heights.”

Bass extension and control through the Phonitor x were exemplary.”

“… the Phonitor x exerted a level of finesse that put it on par with the top echelon of headphone amplifiers, tube or solid-state, designed to handle difficult-to-drive headphones.”

When used as a preamplifier the Phonitor x proved quiet and capable of driving longer line-level connections with ease. I used the Phonitor x with a variety of amplifiers…. In every case the Phonitor had an abundance of additional gain. I rarely turned the volume control past ¼ turn. Also the Phonitor x was dead quiet with all the amplifiers I connected it to. Its sonic character was clean, clear and dynamic.”

Final thoughts:

With a $2800 budget you have a plethora of headphone amplifier/preamplifier options. Of course, I have not heard them all, but among those I have heard the Phonitor x offers a unique set of features coupled with outstanding performance.”

Sonically the Phonitor x offers a suave delivery with extremely good bass and extension. When you add its well-laid-out controls and options, you have a product whose ergonomics are as good as its technical abilities.”

If you’re in the market for a headphone amplifier and preamplifier that can serve as a reference in either a dedicated headphone or nearfield audio system, the Phonitor x should be among your options. It is solid and well designed, and you can get it in red. What’s not to like?”


If you are interested in the complete review, you can also purchase the magazine online as a pdf version.