Phonitor x + DAC768xs in EAR IN

In the headphone magazine EAR IN, you’ll find a review about our Phonitor x with DAC768xs. We won’t give away too much but what we can say is that the device came out of the test as an EAR IN reference model with “very good” marks…
Since this is a German review, we provide you with a little summary:

“You could always hear that SPL has it main focus on studio technology using the Phonitor x. Fed with an analog signal, it behaves like a model student playing tonally neutral, with extremely high-resolution and just awesome in terms of dynamics.”

“This is what the SPL Phonitor models are famous for and why heaphone listeners around the globe love thiese devices beyond all measure.”

“And what about the DAC768xs module?”

“With the DAC768xs you expand both inputs of the Phonitor x (balanced and unbalanced line inputs) by three digital inputs: USB-B, S/PDIF coaxial and Toslink. It operates with 32 bits and PCM sample rates up to 768kHz as well as DSD4.”

“Fed with music files, the digitally upgraded Phonitor x with DAC768xs operates at the highest level.”

“The new [DAC] scores in terms of softskills, which music lovers just like pros know and value. These are, for example, a certain kind of radiance of the tones, more colorful and shining tone colors, more energy and excitement resided witin the music, which the Phonitor x with DAC768xs transports in a fascinating manner.”


“With the new DAC768xs module, the Phonitor x really shows its phenomenal qualities as a headphone amplifier and preamp, even with digital sources connected. The finest technology straight out of the sound studio is now available for home users.”

Find the complete review (in German) in the current issue (1/20) of EAR IN magazine.