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On you’ll find a review about our Phonitor x headphone amplifier.

Steve Guttenberg has tested the unit and shares his thoughts:

“When I spotted their slick-looking Phonitor x headphone amp at the Axpona audio show I just had to get it in for review.”


“…it does sound awfully nice.”

“The Phonitor x’s matrix headphone processing promises soundstage expansion, and it works pretty well.”

“The Phonitor x’s sound is very tightly controlled, which is best exemplified by the sound of the bass on my favorite reggae albums… Man, I’ve heard this music countless times, but here with the Phonitor x, Robby Shakespeare’s bass is so much more present and alive. Every note is clean and deep.”

“I came to feel the Phonitor x sound was neutral, which is what you might expect from a pro sound company.”

“I heard more detail and clarity as well as more “space” between the musicians over the Phonitor x.”

“The Phonitor x’s super-quiet noise floor lets you hear deep into the music.”


“It not only has lots of power, up to 3.7 watts per channel, it also has switchable gain levels, up to 24dB so it could easily drive my … headphones.”

With Speakers:

“The Phonitor x was equally adept as a stereo preamp. Used with my … power amp and … speakers the sound was brilliantly clear and concise – the Phonitor x is certainly up to the job of serving as a preamp in a first-class audio system. You could also use the Phonitor x as a desktop preamp with a set of powered monitor speakers.”


“The SPL Phonitor x is a superb headphone amplifier, but it also works its magic on speakers.”

“The perfect component for audiophiles who love headphones and speakers equally.”

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