Phonitor e @ HiFiInsider

On the HifiInsider Youtube channel, you’ll find a video review about our Phonitor e.
Mike Liang has intensively tested the headphone amplifier and shares his thoughts:

“I do like the compactness of the Phonitor e. It doesn’t take up a lot of space on your desk.”

“Another thing that I like about the Phonitor e is the balanced output and balanced inputs.
Really convenient.”

“The Phonitor e has a remote control feature for the volume knob. For those you want to sit back and have a long headphone cable, this is a nice added feature”

“Some of the things that impress me about the Phonitor e is its specifications.
The measured specs are really, really impressive.”

“Another thing I like is the unbalanced output. It’s super low-noise.
This is ideal for in-ear monitors.”

“It doesn’t give you any listening fatique. The sound is very clean, very detailed.
Overall, the sound characteristic is very clean. I would put this at the level of more of like a reference … where you can really use it to test your headphones because it doesn’t add any character to it, doesn’t add any flavor to it.”

“Check it out! Give it a listen! Bring your favorite headphones when you do and I think you will be surprised by the sound quality of this little guy.”

You can find the complete video review at the HiFiInsider Youtube channel.