Performer s800 and Director at Recording Magazin

This is a power amplifier, not a toy.”

In the current edition of Recording Magazin (Dez./Jan. 1/17) you will find a review about our power amplifier Performer s800 as well as our DA converter and preamplifier Director. Igl Schönwitz put the devices to the test. Here you can find some of his impressions, the full review is only available in German.

Performer s800:

The Pro-Fi series is an impressive prove of what the 120V rail technology is sonicly capable of.”

…the first power amplifier which uses the 120V rail technology. In comparison to commom circuit amplifier concepts, the s800 is a fully analog Class-AB amplifier and despite of the relatively compact dimensions the data sheet says ‘packed with power’…”

The Performer s800 impressed right away after plugging it in: on the spot and without even warming up, SPL’s latest offspring put other devices in their place.”

It is immediately clear that it has a better spatiality and a remarkable level of details in bass- as well as in the treble range.”

…the 120V rail technology clearly demonstrates its strengths here. All of a sudden I can discover unheard details on my Mastering- and equipment reference recordings that I’ve been using for years.”

Especially the Performer s800 power amplifier sets standards even beyond its price range.”

Not least this device can be seen as a weighty argument for passive monitor loudspeakers, because I do not know any active loudspeaker that offers a comparable amplifier electronic.”

My sincere congratulations to this masterpiece!”


To match this ‘performer bolide’ SPL also offers the Director – a puristic preamplifier, which is also based on the 120V rail technology and which additionally offers a high-quality D/A converter.”

Overall, the Director also sonically performs at a top notch level…”

You will find the complete review (in German) in the current edition of Recording Magazin (Dez./Jan. 1/17).

If you are interested in our Pro-Fi series, you will find further information at the Pro-Fi product overview page.