Performer s800 – Professional Fidelity @Bonedo

All good things come in threes! Within the third review, Felix Klostermann of Bonedo tested our Stereo Power Amplifier Performer s800 and awarded it with five out of five stars – full score:

“The SPL Pro-Fi Performer s800 is a stereo power amplifier ‘Made in Germany’. Again, it features SPL’s 120V Rail Technology based in the high-quality recording studio world and now transferred to the Hi-Fi world and therefore called VOLTAiR.”

“Within the audio world, high-quality operational amplifiers usually work with 30 volts, but SPL’s proprietary OpAmps actually run in idle mode, operating with higher voltage and thereby reach outstanding technical and sonic performances, especially in terms of dynamic range, signal-to-noise ratio and headroom.”

“Cylinder capacity pays off!”


“Here, the SPL device showed its full force: It played fast, clean and with lots of punch in the bass frequencies.

Everybody who wants to reproduce the sound characteristics of a recording studio system at home, the Performer s800 provides a real studio power amplifier in the design of a Hi-Fi unit.”

“Voices and instruments appear pretty close, you can locate the finest details and the bass frequencies sound punchy, but the SPL stayed in the background while delivering enough power when needed.”


“The power amplifier delivers plenty of power despite of its compact design and provided all tested speakers with excellent dynamics and detailedness: clean, precise mid frequencies, crystal clear high frequencies and deep and punchy bass frequencies. The Performer s800 is unobtrusive in its best form and should be tremendously appealing to both, Hi-Fi and recording studio enthusiasts…”

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