It’s about time to reveal the secret behind our three new SPL devices!

There will be a worthy successors to our classic Passeq, which will be specialized in Mastering – the PASSEQ Mastering Equalizer.

Our legendary Mastering Console DMC also enters the second round.

The new DMC was developed from scratch and we managed to once again improve the technical specifications. But that’s not all. The range of functions and ergonomics are up-to-date now and leave nothing to desire for the mastering engineer. The best thing about it: we even managed to halve the price in comparison to the previous model. You get more features and quality at half price!

The third new device is the MC16. It expand the channel count for surround and immersive audio monitoring of the DMC to 16 channels.

All devices are available in red or black.

You will find further information on the respective product pages:

PASSEQ Mastering Equalizer

DMC Mastering Console

MC16 Mastering Monitor Controller

By the way, beneath you will find a video, which gives an overview of the complete SPL Mastering universe. Even forthcoming developments are presented.