IRON Reviewed in Professional Audio

“With the IRON, SPL has just raised the bar when it comes to tube compression, making a clear statement on high-end sound and versatility.”

In the current issue of German mag Professional Audio (12/15) you can find one of the first reviews of our IRON mastering compressor. Georg Berger decided to pump some IRON and put one of our newest babies to the test. He seems to have really dug our “gentle dynamics giant,” which impressed him quite a bit:

“A bright new star has appeared in the boutique compressor firmament.”

“Apart from the technological innovations, the IRON is built to the highest standards, using high-grade components, some of which have been exclusively developed or modified by SPL.”

Good looks, awesome sound, first-class processing ? the IRON is through and through convincing:

“In use, the IRON makes it very clear that it’s not a cheap processor. It’s true heavy metal.”

“As expected, the IRON displays textbook values and excellent results.”

“In the listening test, it transported us to a completely new playing field in terms of dynamics processing, where you not only can have a blast playing around, but also discover a wide array of different control modes and sounds.”

“Depending on the settings, the IRON can really tackle the job without mercy, but it always retains the liveliness of the signal. It’s almost like magic.”

“At the same time, the IRON provides the signal with an exquisite silky touch, making it sound classy and always with a distinguishable high-end quality to it.”

“Featuring the SPL 120-volt technology and first-class components, the IRON’s high-end qualities can really make any mix shine under a new light.”

“With the IRON mastering compressor, SPL has once again proved its unyielding technological savvy in the form of a unique dynamics processor which is extremely versatile and unrivaled in terms of features.”

We would like to thank Professional Audio for providing us the full review (in German) in PDF format and allowing us to make it available to all of our readers as a free download on our website.

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