IRON Mastering Compressor review at Bonedo (featuring audio examples and video)

Sometimes more is really more!

Felix Klostermann from Bonedo presents a very informative review of the IRON Mastering Compressor. There is not only a review, but also some audio examples and a video.

Anyone who hadn’t had the opportunity to test the IRON will get an first initial impression of the wide variety of the IRON.

Features for final touch like AirBass and Tape Roll-Off are also part of the audio examples.

Apart from the detailed review, there are lots of pictures of the inner parts of the unit and a little bit of “nerd talk”.

The IRON gets the full score. Five out of five stars.

Here you can read a small excerpt of the review:

Dreamlike feel

Although I already metioned it before, I would like to do it again at this point: The SPL Iron is a ‘sexy piece of hardware’. The build quality is very good. Everything, including the control elements, has a high quality touch.”

Astounding variety of sounds

Now I was wondering for some time how to explain the many possibilities that the Iron offers and came to the conclusion: It is in actual fact impossible!

That’s why I want to avoid an overly academic approach. You have to feel the Iron! Depending on the rectifier setting and its unique sound characteristics, the operating point (Threshold) is shifted, which among slightly different tone color, other dynamic differences occur.”

It makes little sense to try to adjust Attack and Release, so that they sound fairly the same for different rectifiers. That’s not how they work – and this is really great!”

The different Sidechain-EQs also have a strong influence on the final result and should not be confused with typical SC-Lowcuts.”

The strengh of this compressor is above all its incredible transparent way of compressing music material without negatively influence the dynamics.”


From now on I will have a dedicated 4U-space in my rack for the Iron”.


You can find the review, audio files and video at bonedo.