IRON reviewed in Recording Magazine (USA)

“…nothing else out there really sounds like it“

In the current issue (1/16) of Recording Magazine you can find a review

of our SPL IRON mastering compressor.

Paul Vnuk Jr., musician, recording engineer and sound designer from Milwaukee,

regularly writes for Recording Magazine. Mr Vnuk Jr. put our IRON to the test and is very pleased with the outcome:

The magic of Iron lies in its balance of simplicity and depth; overall I would call it a precision-feel piece with a high level of versatility and unique features.“

…Iron has exceptionally high headroom—presumably thanks to the famed SPL 120V op amps, of which there are 18 inside! It’s virtually impossible to overdrive the unit.“

All of the switches feel fantastic and are of the highest quality, with that satisfying hearty click as you change settings.“

I had great results with fast Germanium settings on the drum buss with Tube Bias

at High, AirBass in and the Side Chain on 2. This gave me tight, big and punchy drums.“

My favorite use of Iron was as a pair of mono vocal compressors.“

All of the work that I did with Iron made it to my final mixes for the album project I was working on.“

I have zero reservations recommending it as a high-fidelity, versatile dual mono or stereo compressor that will handle most any compression duties you push into it.“

After testing, Paul took the IRON to his friend and mastering engineer Justin Perkins, who owns Mystery Room Mastering in Milwaukee.

Justin appreciated how absolutely clean the unit was; we jacked it up to extreme levels with no signal through it and Iron is all but dead silent.“

Overall he was so intrigued by Iron that I decided to leave it with him for a day, so he could run a whole new master of the Miles Nielsen album through it and give the band and producers a choice.“

The outcome of the story is that in the end everyone involved chose to go with the Iron mastered version…“

You can read the review in the 1/16 issue of Recording Magazine (US) or download the full review in pdf format click here.