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How about an extensive review plus sound examples about the flagship among our channel strips – the SPL Frontliner. has taken a close look at the device:

“If you decide to purchase the SPL Frontliner Channelstrip, you get the following: a tube-transistor hybrid with separate, discrete microphone and line preamps and an additional front mounted instrument input.”

“The components and workmanship of the machine generally reflect absolute quality and a well thought-out concept, and the clever and upgrading characteristics of the SPL Frontliner easily put it at the forefront in terms of application variety and all-in-one capacities.”

“The clou: If you have enjoyed the Frontliner in recording status sufficiently and put your project into mixdown status, from now on you get four outboard units in one, because on the rear side a preamp without effects chain, de-esser, compressor as well as the equalizer with tube saturation can be accessed completely and genuinely individually via XLR – for different tracks within the DAW at the same time – an absolutely brilliant added value.”

In practice:

“Whether it is an electronic kick drum, guitar and bass or of course voices, every component works with any material.”

“The Equalizer is a great shaping tool, which in combination with the saturation level can already create great, subtle character to-tape. Clean and crisp, but also extremely valuable, versatile and very fair. What more could you ask for?”


“The SPL Frontliner has much more to offer than one would expect – or even might expect – at this price? From transparent to tubey-smooth, anything is possible, the small channel strip is extremely versatile, also providing a more versatile sound than you might think. This in combination with the bomb-proof workmanship and the purchase price makes it an absolute recommendation to buy.”

“The Frontliner does not force something upon the signal, but makes it stable and usable – which makes the device ideal for a wide variety of applications. You have to listen to it!”

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