DMC in Studio Magazin

We really like to recommend to check out the review of our new DMC Mastering Console in German Studio Magazin (edition 6/18). Fritz Fey did an extraordinary, detailed piece of work. A must-read for everybody who is interested in this device!

“A mastering console is the centerpiece of any mastering studio, because all inputs, sources, monitoring points, processing stages and outputs run together here. The DMC is engineered from the ground-up – functionally, ergonomically and technically.”

“Within the ergonomical updates we now have a console which was built in a 3RU 19-inch housing making it perfectly fit into modern studio furniture.”

“…the new model not only outperforms its predecessor on a technical scale with the current generation of the SPL 120V rail technology, but it also offers greater functionality at practically half the price.”

“The new DMC provides everything the mastering studio needs.”


“As always with SPL devices which feature 120V technology we couldn’t exactly determine the maximum input level. At our measurement limit of +30,7 dBu, the device delivers a THD+N of 0,00074 % which is far away from any discussion about distortion or even clipping.”

“The DMC receives our Studio Magazin measurement-technology-seal ‘Mastering Grade’”

In practice:

“The DMC is absolutely transparent and neutral.”

“The overview of the operating panel is perfect …”

“Look and feel of both big control knobs is quite pleasant. It almost feels like the controls run through an oil bath – heavy but at the same time smooth to control. The button illumination is logically colored …”


“With the new DMC SPL presents, against the background of years of experience in the mastering segment, a compact, innovative product of exremely high quality as a centerpiece of a mastering studio, which also can be used in production studios which operate with lots of analog outboard but otherwise work DAW-oriented. It is a coherent concept, the features are well thought out, it is excellent processed, the technical specifications are top-notch. It is obvious that this is a developer who exactly knows the needs of a mastering studio.”

“Definitely a fair price for such a high-quality product and I have to say that I am a bit proud that such a clever, internationally sustainable approach with modular system concept comes from a German developer.”

“There is not much competition in this segment, and surely SPL has no reason to fear any of them. I am pretty impressed. Great work! A further element in the 120V mastering chain, which we can all look forward to. SPL really is well under way to create a coherent technological ‘masterpiece’…”

Find the complete review (including measurement diagrams) in German Studio Magazin edition 6/18.