DMC @ Bonedo

“The latest trick of the Sound Performance Lab is the DMC (‘Dual Channel Mastering Console’) which represents the heart for a whole number of new system solutions.”

At Bonedo you’ll find a review about our DMC Mastering Console. Felix Klostermann has put the device to the acid test and shares his thoughts:

“The DMC is intended to be the centerpiece of a modern mastering studio and in its function takes care of any choice of different sources and/or speakers. Additionally it is the basis for the correct gain staging, which means defining the correct in and output levels.”


“All buttons of the SPL DMC are perfectly iluminated, largely relay switched and recessed.
The build quality is consistently excellent, what I liked the most was the smooth feel of both big potentiometers and the feel when you engage one of the four trim switches.”

“The output section is well-structured and perfect to operate.”

“The output level is defined through the big monitoring level control knob. It turns and feels fantastic and it also features an illuminated dot.”

“The operation of the DMC is flawless and is really self-explanatory.”


“SPL’s DMC is a logical product to combine and unite all mastering devices of the German manufacturing company. The amount of in and outputs is impressive and the sound is extremely transparent.”

“The DMC operates absolutely transparent and this in spite of all its switching elements. And thanks to 120V technology you get endless headroom and therefore nearly no distortion.”

“SPL definitely touched a nerve with their high-quality mastering devices, these new black or red boxes pop up more and more in mastering studios.”

Find the complete review (in German) online at Bonedo.