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Within the second review of Bonedo concerning our Pro-Fi series, the online magazine tested our DA converter and Preamplifier Director. Felix Klostermann put the unit to the acid test – the result:

The SPL Pro-Fi Director is a high-quality DA converter and preamplifier ‘Made in Germany’ which belongs to the new Pro-Fi series. The various units of the series build upon one another and offer the possibility to create your very own Hi-Fi tower.”

“Minimalistic design, clever remote controlling.”

“A special feature is the possibility that the input selection and the volume can be remotely controlled using any existing infra-red remote control.”

“Particularly cool: The volume knob is a motorized potentiometer with channel matching which also can be remotely controlled.”

“The whole thing is drop-dead gorgeous – and by the way, there are no blue LEDs – none of the units of the Pro-Fi series feature them. Well done SPL!”

“Hidden functions, clever details. Sonically at the highest level.”

“Also the resolution of the SPL converter is very fine and provides punchy bass frequencies, detailed mid frequencies and crystal clear high frequencies. Overemphasis on one of the frequency ranges has not been possible to identify. Also the speed, respectively impulse stability, as well as spatial dimensions are at a high level.”


“The SPL Pro-Fi Director is a minimalistic DA converter and preamplifier of the Hi-Fi-oriented Pro-Fi series and cuts a good figure as a ‘fivefold switchman’. Its design has been reduced to the basics and that is high-quality sound, thanks to the 120V rail technology aka VOLTAiR technology. Furthermore ‘Mr Director’ provides an appealing and puristic look as well as a convenient operation.”

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