Director Mk2 & Performer s800 @

“You can always tell that the Director Mk2 and Performer s800 do not originate from the traditional hi-fi world. The emphasis is on technical specifications, the relatively modest sonic coloring and the functional retro design. Uninteresting for the hifi enthusiasts? The performance of these devices will quickly change your mind.”

Today we have something for our friends from the Benelux countries. At the online platform you can find a review of our Director Mk2 and the Performer s800 power amplifier. The review is in Dutch. Here you can get a small impression:

Design and technology:

“Despite their apparently small size, there is a lot of technology under the hoods of the two SPLs, like a huge toroidal transformer that takes up almost the entire inside of the power amp.”

“The flagship of the German brand is the VOLTAiR technology, a proprietary amplifier design developed in response to the use of operational amplifiers. SPL chose a discrete design that is immediately much larger than an op-amp amplifier chip. However, size is slightly less important than the fact that each amplifier operates at 60 volts, which is 120 volts in a dual configuration. This is a much higher voltage than other op amps provide.”

In practice:

“In addition to complete albums, we always play a large selection from the same playlists with about a hundred test tracks when testing.”
“The Performer handled it effortlessly. Impressive.”

Find the complete review (in Dutch) online at