Director Mk2 in Haute Fidélité

Top marks for the Director Mk2 from France. The hifi magazine Haute Fidélité has dedicated a review to our DA converter and preamplifier in its February issue. We have compiled some statements as a short summary. Enjoy reading them:

“The Director permanently provides a very smooth sound with lightness, diversity in textures, far away from any dry and hyper-defined electronic aspect.”

“…fine dynamics are highlighted, such as small perfectly distinct inflections, this really serves the musical intention of the material.”

It gives the impression of seeing each music stand in the room, the SPL does not mask or blur the qualities of the source.”

“The Mk2 respects the independent existence of interpretations and is not just a substitute depleted by a lack of authenticity.”

“Its ‘Professional’ origin is not a burden when playing music at its best.”

You can find the complete review (in French) in the current edition (February 2020) of Haute Fidélité magazine.