Director Mk2 @ Hifistatement

A few years ago, Wolfgang Kemper of Hifistatement has tested the SPL Director.
Logically, the time had come to try its successor – the Director Mk2. We are curious if the new DA converter and preamplifier could convince like its predecessor:

“About three years ago, I tested the predecessor of the new Director Mk2 – the Director. Already back then, the preamplifier impressed me with its musicality.”

“At that time, the sound was strikingly dynamic and of a high homogeneity, with which any kind of music was reproduced fluently, rhythmically and authentic. Despite – or perhaps because of the rather slightly warm well-rounded sound, listening with the device was big fun. Annoying artifacts just weren’t there and yet even the old Director convinced through its attention to detail and transparency, its successor even raises this level of quality.”

“Important innovations of the Director Mk2 are the new digital/analog converter board, the range of features and the redesigned power supply.”

“The Director Mk2 is densely packed with VOLTAiR boards. The material expense is immediately apparent. The digital domain of the preamp is new, which is by the way entirely identical with the Phonitor xe. Responsible for the D/A conversion is the new
AK4490EQ chip of AKM.”

“The 120 Volt Technology with a voltage of +/- 60 volts inter alia provides a much bigger dynamic headroom than other conventional circuits. Very significant is that because of the VOLTAiR technology, the excellent technical values of the digital domain do not get lost at the conversion to the analog domain. The results are sonically distinctive explosive dynamics, especially noticeable in fine details. SPL knows how to create a rather musically fine and well-rounded sound…”

“Sonically I instantly loved the SPL device in my chain.”

“To be honest, I was a tremendously surprised by the sound of the SPL device, because as it replaced my Audio-gd preamp and my PS Audio Directstream DAC, the first impression was that I liked it better than this ten thousand euros duo. The Director Mk2 impressed right from the first note with a very appealing tonality.”


“Compared to the previous model, the Director Mk2 has been improved at significant key points. Even if you ignore the benefits in terms of control elements and connection possibilities, the sound of the device became even better. With the AK4490EQ based D/A converter it is at the same level as more expensive competitors.”

Find the complete review (in German) online at Hifistatement.