Director Mk2 @ HiFi-IFAs

We are very happy to show you this new blog post with a new review of our Director Mk2. We’d like to say thank you to the HiFi-IFAs for this review which is definitely worth reading. Here on our blog, we provide you with an English summary – you’ll find the complete complimentary review (in German) at HiFi-IFAs . The website is definitely worth a visit!

Check out what Falk Visarius, one of the three IFAs, writes about our Director Mk2:

“This test gives the Director Mk2 the attention it deserves. Because it is not only an analog preamplifier but also, at a price of 3.499 euros, provides a veritable digital/analog converter.”

“To be honest, the device caught my attention because of its look, which through its instrument-like and functional design radiates a high commitment. The round pointer instruments also contribute to that. The reference to pro audio technology is clearly visible, even unplugged.”


“The digital/analog conversion inside the SPL Director Mk2 has completely been renewed. With the main focus on the AK4490 Velvet Sound® DAC chip from AKM. The AK4490 supports 32 bit and sample rates up to 768kHz for PCM digital signals as well as DSD4 or DSD256 for direct stream digital signals.”

“The Director Mk2 converter module operates with the 120 Volt VOLTAiR technology which allows a better signal processing. The newly developed DLP120 module combines the two elements in its name: ‘Dual Low Pass’ and 120 Volt. DLP is two separated analog filters in VOLTAiR technology which, depending on the nature of the digital input signal, send the analog signal through respective PCM or DSD filters.”


“The Director didn’t hide anything. Digital technology doesn’t always sound the same. This is what the device points out.”

“Even though externally connected D/A converters can be the icing on the cake, the built-in DAC 768 is at such a high level that it creates a wonderful symbiosis in combination with the Director Mk2.”


“At a price of 3.499 euros, the Director Mk2 offers a fully-featured compact preamplifier, which is perfectly rounded-off by the powerful built-in D/A converter. The instrument-like housing, which is also available in prominent red, radiates professional significance which is continued within the sound-character. The Director Mk2 controls, doesn’t take anything away, does not add or color anything. An honest contemporary in the role of a director, in which you can trust blindly.”

Find the complete review (in German) online at HiFi-IFAs.