Director Mk2 @fairaudio

The Director Mk2 is the derivative of our reference preamplifier Director.
Musician, sound engineer and specialized journalist Nick Mavridis of fairaudio has put the DA converter & preamplifier to the acid test and published a very informative and worthwhile review (in German). Here, we provide you with a little translated summary:

“The SPL Director Mk2 is a pretty heavy block. Its 4,5 kilogram live weight and a depth of 33 centimeters make, as the front panel suggests, a huge impression.”

“What I like very much is the clear and direct user interface of the device. The optic and haptic feedback is perfect.”


“With the SUPRA op-amps, SPL has developed their own operational amplifiers within the framework of the 120V technology, which operate with a voltage of +/-60 volts, not the common +/-15 volts. Only thus is it possible to use the amazingly high dynamic range of the built-in 32-Bit/768 kHz converter chip AK4490 from the Asahi Kasei Microdevices’ Verita series in the following analog domain!”


“The SPL Director Mk2 is a perfect example for sonic consistence…”

“Shows the listener even the finest details of the highs, without overemphasizing them. The signals is open and clear but never nervous or too leisurely.”

“Instantly provides the connected power amplifier with the exact level dynamics that beforehand went into the Director Mk2.”


“The charged price is fair, because in return you receive an example of German engineering and manufacturing work, whose quality you can hear.”

“To get an absolutely clean signal path, extensive connectivity and the best specifications, nobody has to spend more than the price of the SPL Director Mk2.”

“With the 120V technology Voltair, SPL provides a perfect home for one of the best current DA converter chips. This results in outstanding dynamic qualities, especially in a high-precision, a finely detailed sound stage. Listeners who pay attention to detail really get their money’s worth here.”

Find the complete review (in German) at fairaudio.