Director in Professional Audio

In the current edition of Professional Audio (August 2016) our DA converter and preamplifier Director is on trial. The review closes with the final grade “top class, very good”. The price-performance ratio also was graded “very good” . You can download (pdf) the complete review (German) here.

Here you will already find a short excerpt:

“The Director convinced with extreme stable and dry bass sounds and the coolness to process even harshest bass impulses. High- and mid frequencies sound very detailed. The SPL Director impresses with the way it processes even the finest dynamic differences even at a minimal signal level. The ‘microcontrast’ is top notch. The Director merciless unmasks “mistakes in recordings and is therefore ideal when it comes to mixing or mastering”.


Professional Audio coclusion:

“The SPL Director is a lucky strike when it comes to DA converter. It will equally enthuse Hifi- and studio user with its uncompromising honest sound.”