Crimson in Soundcheck

German Soundcheck magazine just turned 30 this year, almost the same time we’ve been in the audio industry, a very good reason to celebrate. Coincidentally, one of our new products was reviewed by Florian Zapf in their latest issue (11/14) and, what do you know, he had only kind words for our SPL Crimson:

“The Crimson preamps are almost noiseless. Even with extreme settings, the converters provide a very clean, distortionless sound, whose brilliance is utterly convincing while, at the same time, remaining inconspicuous, in the best of senses.”

His conclusion reads:

“SPL’s audio interface won us over not only due to its sound, but also for its well-accomplished analog monitoring concept.”

The full review (in German) can be read in the 11/14 Soundcheck issue.