Crimson 3 in Tools4music

You will find a review about our Crimson 3 in the current edition (1/18) of tools4music magazine.

“Available since 2014, the Crimson offers a symbiosis of audio interface, monitor controller and headphone amplifier in a handy desk housing. Basically all you need when it comes to modern DAW based recording. Crimson 3 now continues this established concept with the integration of a Talkback Microphone and the Phonitor Matrix.”

“SPL, short for Sound Performance Lab, is working on helping to keep the blood pressure of the sound engineer low, because the Crimson 3 Audio Interface is designed as an all-in-one tool to keep the sound engineer healthy.”

New features:

“A new feature of the unit is the integrated Talkback Microphone. With the previous models of the Crimson you had to use an external microphone, which you can now use for other tasks.”

“Also new to the device is the Phonitor Matrix, which originated from SPL’s headphone amplifier of the same name. Of course this function can be turned on or off with its very own switch.”


“The concept of the Crimson 3 is equally simple and brilliant.”

“More important than numerous inputs is the monitoring while recording and mixing.”

“Latency-free monitoring is a keyword in this context, individual headphone mix would be another one. Crimson can perfectly manage all this even without you constantly having to check the manual.”

“The Phonitor Matrix sets the spatiality right while mixing on headphones, several reference sources or a metronome can be included as “sources”, without directly being recorded and an individual (excluded from the main mix) headphone mix for the artist in front of the microphone is also possible. SPL integrated all of these features into a space-saving and solidly built housing, which (from my point of view) on top of everything looks pretty cool.”

“Measurements at the microphone input show a dead straight frequency response curve. The distortion values, measured from the microphone input to output are flawless.”


“Instead of cheap standard components, regarding converters or amplifiers, you get solid SPL quality at an affordable price. It is all the more gratifying that this recording comfort is also provided for an iPad.”

“With the Crimson 3, SPL launches an interesting third generation update of this successful concept. Details like the integrated Talkback Micorphone or the Phonitor Matrix refine the already known all-in-one concept. The price-performance ratio considering the quality offered can be considered very good.”

Find the complete review (in German) in the current edition (1/18) of the magazine.