Crimson 3 in Soundcheck

The Crimson 3 is the ideal control center for home recording or smaller project studios.”

In the current edition (09/17) of German Soundcheck magazine you will find a review about our brand-new Crimson 3:

Anyone who ever planned to set up a recording studio knows that besides a proper Digital Audio Workstation you also need a whole lot of other equipment like a microphone preamp, an AD/DA converter, a MIDI Interface, a small mixing desk or a headphone amplifier.”

Development goal of the Crimson was to bundle all of these units into a small but high-quality device. This ambitious goal was achieved by SPL and with the new version 3 SPL is even going one step further.”

A new feature of the Crimson 3 is SPL’s proprietary Phonitor Matrix, … .”

The Phonitor Matrix definitely has a very pleasant effect when mixing single tracks on headphones. It sounded spatially open, as if you were mixing on speakers.”

Also new is the Talkback function which practically is combined with the DIM switch.”

The sound quality of the microphone and instrument preamp is perfect, clean and transparent.”

Every component of the unit operates at the highest quality stage and absolutely latency-free.”

Furthermore the Crimson 3 can also be used as a stand-alone device without DAW. For example you can mix your instrument signal with playback or guide tracks from your CD player and monitor it on your speakers.”

We highly recommend it!”

You will find the complete review (in German) in the current edition (09/17) of the magazine.