Crimson 3 at musicradar

“There’s no doubt that Crimson 3 is a thoroughly capable and high-quality sounding audio interface, with some really nicely thought-through additions.”

At musicradar you will find a review about our Crimson 3 Audio Interface.
Jono Buchanan of Future Music magazine (UK) tested and examined the device.

“SPL has a reputation as a serious audio developer with a specialism in hardware channel strips, monitor controllers and, of course, the much-loved Transient Designer.”

“In a way, its Crimson audio interfaces combine a couple of these technologies, offering a high-quality recording path coupled with a flexible monitor controller, to provide an audio interface at the heart of your recording rig. So what’s new in Crimson 3?”

“Perhaps the most significant new feature added to Crimson 3 is SPL’s ‘Phonitor Matrix’. Whenever you’re working on headphones, either at the tracking or mixing stage, stereo width is exaggerated, as there’s none of the ‘bleed’ from left to right (or vice versa) you’ll experience on a pair of studio monitors.”

“Crimson 3’s Phonitor Matrix superimposes ‘speaker-like’ stereo imaging to the headphone ports, producing a more natural listening environment whilst working.”

“Its Monitor Control options are strong and the Phonitor Matrix encourages bolder stereo positions for anyone mixing on headphones – a hugely welcome and intuitive feature.”

“Crimson 3’s new developments are welcome, and the Phonitor Matrix makes listening on headphones more like using monitors.”

“If you do decide to push your cash in SPL’s direction, there’s no doubt you’ll receive a high-quality audio interfacing and monitor controlling solution in return.”

Read the complete review at musicradar or in the Future Music magazine edition 1/18.