Crimson 3 @ Amazona

At you can find a review about our brandnew Crimson 3. Musician and sound engineer Axel Ritt has put the unit to the test and seems to be pretty convinced:

With the Crimson 3, German hardware specialist SPL puts out an even more excellent successor of their big seller. By including a Talkback Microphone and especially by integrating the legendary Phonitor Matrix, SPL takes the unit to a whole new level in terms of product value and practicality.”

 Phonitor Matrix?

The focus of the SPL Crimson 3 though is on the new integrated Phonitor Matrix which can be activated with an additional button. The Phonitor Matrix is originally an ingenious invention of SPL, which allows precise blending between both audio signals in terms of otimizing spatiality and locating the phantom center while mixing or monitoring on headphones.”

Talkback Microphone?

“… Placing a Talkback Microphone into the housing of the unit. …carries the advantage that at least one product can disappear from the desk of the sound engineer, creating space in the studio.”

Making a great device even better

The Phonitor Matrix itself is a massive upvaluation of the product. Considering for example that the Phonitor mini costs 649 euros, the SPL Crimson 3 at a price of 699 euros is a true bargain.”

I do absolutely recommend this unit for any kind of home or postproduction studio and as far as I know when it comes to the price-performance ratio it owns an unrivalled market position.”


You will find the complete review (in German) at